An urban farming production unit will benefit from a local outlet, as urban farming will address current desires and needs for shorter supply chains. However, an essential prerequisite for urban populations to purchase locally produced products is the concomitant development of local markets that can and will sell this produce.

Local marketing supports regional development

Shorter value chains can be particularly crucial for the development of geographically differentiated food products, a factor which is also relevant to urban farming.

Local outlets will support economic, social, cultural and environmental regional development, and there is currently a need to develop infrastructure that can be the link between production and marketing.

There is also a need for more concrete knowledge of what is needed to create added value for local food products, such as through improved coordination between the various elements of the value chains. 

Current research projects

Project Proposals

  • Analysis of the environmental, climatic, recreational and economic costs and benefits of selling products from a local production system
  • Collaborative projects between different actors that can establish infrastructure and marketing capable of supporting urban farm production and improving coordination between the various elements of the value chains
  • Evaluate the importance of geographical origin and consumer preferences relative to urban farming

You can use Urban Farming SCIENCE to:

  • Calculate the need to develop infrastructure etc. to support the spread of urban farming
  • Explain how value chains can support consumer preferences
  • Contribute to regional development of urban farming
  • Work specifically with the identification of which production systems will be most appropriate for local outlets