About Urban Farming

Urban Farming SCIENCE is an initiative at the University of Copenhagen, which collects and visualises the various resources, knowledge and initiatives present within urban farming at the University of Copenhagen Faculty of Science.

The SCIENCE Urban Farming group has accumulated a significant number of relevant publications and identified a number of main topics within urban farming where SCIENCE has relevant knowledge, a list of experts, research projects, or ideas to inspire new research projects.

The departments behind the Urban Farming initiative consists of IGN, PLEN, IFRO and FOOD, which together signify a broad and qualified knowledge of urban farming.

SCIENCE Urban Farming will:

1. Increase cooperation and partnership development in urban farming

2. Promote and integrate urban agriculture as part of the solution to challenges associated with food production, supply, environment, bioeconomy, climate and urbanisation

3. Offer courses and training in urban farming

4. Visualize research in urban farming for interested parties

5. Make relevant information about urban farming easily accessible for interested parties

6. Contribute to the further development and implementation of urban farming strategies in the public and business sectors

7. Inspire investment in the development of models, the retrieval of data and the testing of solutions that can strengthen urban farming as a relevant strategy for future food production and urban living

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